Know your styling tool – Flat iron

So as a novice into the flat iron world, how would I choose the best one for my hair? Would I get the model my friend has and raves about? Maybe not, since her hair is long and wavy, while mine is fine and short. Different hair types equal different results. How about I pick that awesome looking leopard print one that looks so eye-catching in the store, or the pink one to match my bathroom? Oh, I’d love how fantastic I want my hair to look after using it! 450f hair iron nano chip   What’s a girl to do? So many choices, names that don’t make sense, various price points…I am overwhelmed! So I checked my resources, including my go-to teacher at the local beauty school, and “ironed out” the facts about this essential beauty tool of today. Here’s the scoop: What is a flat iron used for? It uses heat and pressure through ceramic or metal plates to smooth and straighten hair, especially curly hair. This effect is temporary, unlike permanent chemical straighteners. It’s used on dry hair so as not to damage the iron. Plate width varies for a reason A 1-inch plate is considered standard and is meant for medium-length hair,kadori purple flat iron but the wider the plate,such as the Maxstyler, more strands can fit in a single press. 1.25-inch plates are good for long hair, narrower than that for short or very fine hair. They’re all hot (up to 450 degrees!), so how do I choose temperature controls? Some irons have fixed temperatures while others are adjustable. There are dials or digital controls to adjust the heat to your hair type. This is because fine hair needs less heat, while thick, wiry hair needs high heat to get the job done. If damage control is an issue, or your hair texture varies, the adjustable feature means a great deal. Safety features are important; choose what matters to you. Because of the intense heat of these tools, kadori models have an auto-off feature, a great thing to have if you leave the house for hours after styling your hair. Kadori come equipped with ready lights, plastic tips and stands; all designed so no one picks up the scalding hot flat iron and gets burned. Flat irons can cause serious skin burns and fires, so be careful, and choose these features accordingly. The terminology about the types and technology is confusing, yet important. Help! There are 4 general types on the market with different performance abilities and price ranges.
  • Aluminum- the oldest and most inexpensive. They simply contain 2 aluminum plates that straighten tresses. They are dubbed “the drugstore variety” and can damage hair because they have no ceramic protection, so be sure to condition often with this type. These are not recommended at ALL.
  • Ceramic- preferred by many as the best value given the features. They contain smooth plates that lessen damage, allow an even heat application, and are cleaned easily. They offer fast heating and cooling times, and work best with long hair.
  • Tourmaline- considered top of the line, but usually too expensive for the everyday user. They have plates that emit a negative ion and infrared heat to leave hair shiny and smooth while imparting the least damage. If paired with styling creams or sprays, the results are unlike those with any other iron.
  • Nano/Nano Combo- have super-smooth surfaces that straighten super- fast. These contain microfine particles of a smoothing material infused into the plates. The results are longer lasting with much less heat damage. The combo types have extra-special features: Nano- Silver sanitizes itself; Nano-Titanium straightens 40% faster; Nano-Tourmaline protects hair from getting burned or damaged. If these features are all worth it to you, splurge!
 Bottom Line: Don’t make this an impulse buy. It’s just way too important of a beauty tool, one you’ll surely want to use often! Don’t regret the “grab and go”…do a little research and choose the right kadori iron for you and your crowning glory. It comes down to your hair type, your budget, and what features matter to you. Happy shopping!

How To Choose Professional Hair Dryer

If you own a hair dryer , you probably use it every day to take your locks from wet to dry enough to head out the door. And that's probably because you have no idea how to get the most out of this heat styling tool. It's never too late to learn, so we've put together a handy hair dryer guide with tips from celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins and Brennen Demelo Kadori's brand ambassadors. Invest in wattage, but turn down the heat. It seems every new type of hair dryer is always touted as being hotter than the next. However, Matthew cautions against using extremely high heat settings, as they're probably not necessary for the home user. "A blow dryer that falls within the 1300 to 1875 watts range is great for anyone to use at home," says Matthew. "Personally, I like to feel my Kadori dryer blow the hair and feel like my tool is working. You can always turn down the heat, but still maintain power."
flyweight hair dryer

best light weight hair dryer

If you're someone who wants to set curls or simply blow dry your bangs, he recommends purchasing a kadori G.U.Y Hair Dryer with a 380G weight to reduce wrist strain and your blow dry time. Different types of hair require different levels of heat. The different heat levels should be adjusted to suit your hair texture and condition, according to Brennen . He explains, "The high heat is available for really thick or coarse hair, and to remove excessive moisture when the hair is really wet, but always remember to keep the dryer moving and never focus on one portion of the hair for too long. The low setting is perfect for thin or fragile hair. If your hair is only damp instead of wet, it is important to use the low heat setting to prevent over-drying." As far as that mysterious "cool shot" button, it seals the hair cuticle, setting the final look for long-lasting hold and adds shine. Brennen adds, "When your hair is about 80 percent dry, switch over to the cool shot. All your hair needs at this stage in drying is the finishing touches, and the cool shot adequately completes the drying and protects against overheating." Matthew believes the "cool shot" is also great to lock in a curl, or if you set your hair in curlers, it works to cool down your hair and lock in the waves as desired. Not all hair dryer types are created the same, so know which kind to use. "The ionic technology creates millions of negative ions, and what the ionic hair dryers help to do is break down the water molecule," says Matthew. "That allows the blow dryer to dry your hair much faster and that's because you're not only using heat and the force of the air flow, but you have this new technology that helps to break down water as well." The big problem with using ionic hair dryers, according to Matthew, is that people don't know when to stop. "Your hair is hot and you're running your brush through it and you don't take the time to notice when your hair is actually dry," he says. "So I think that a lot of people are over-drying their hair, especially around the face." Blondes mostly have this issue because they're getting their hairline highlighted all the time so that it looks natural and they don't have so much grow-out. best ionic dryerCeramic dryers emit non-damaging infrared heat, which Brennen states dries the hair gently for added heat protection. While tourmaline hair dryers emit infrared heat and negative ions, making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. It also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage. Brennen prefers to use the Kadori LIA 2500X Hair Dryer, as this is an ionic dryer with a tourmaline-boosted ceramic system. The combination of all three elements provides the professional with the safest and quickest styling option. Meanwhile, Matthew  prefers to use the Kadori GUY 2300 Hair Dryer. Though the former is at a mid range price point, it blasts air up to 80mph and works great on thick hair. The right hair dryer attachment can help take the stress out of styling. While a lot of people don't use diffusers anymore, Matthew believes more than just curly-haired girls can benefit from this attachment. "I think it's great because instead of concentrating the heat in one area, it distributes it very broadly. A customer with even a light, natural wave whose looking to enhance it can use a diffuser to add body or bounce to their hair," he explains. Brennen suggests that those with curly and wavy hair textures use the diffuser at the low heat setting. This will help to lift the hair and release a gentle, indirect stream of warm air that is not overpowering so that your curls don’t become tangled, frizzy and unmanageable. Concentrators direct and focus the air output when you are styling to control frizz and style outcome. Brennen uses them to get straight or softly waved looks. His pro tip: Hold the concentrator closely to the hair, leaving a few inches in between. Use a rounded brush, pulling as tightly as reasonable to get the best results from the concentrator. No matter what type of hair dryer you use, remember to apply a heat protectant product first. "Protectant serums, lotions and sprays are the best way to ensure your hair stays protected during styling," says Brennen.

Prom looks 2015

Prom is one of the most memorable occasions in a high school teens life. The dress, the shoes, the date, and of course the hair have to be just right! Why not try doing your hair yourself?

The Sleek Side Pony

A great side pony can be the perfect way to complement an awesome color or a beautiful side bang. It’s also nice because it creates elegance while keeping your hair out of your face so you can dance the night away without having to worry about your hair frizzing out!
How to Style: 1. Start with dry hair, parted to the preferred side. If desired, leave out bangs. 2. Secure your hair to one side with a hair tie. Ideally, the hair tie should be the color of your hair or clear. 3. Before curling, spray each section with a light hold hairspray or a working spray. Using a 1 inch Kadori curling wands, or 1 and 1/4 inch kadori curling iron, (it will vary depending on the length of your hair and your preference regarding the tightness of curls) curl sections of the ponytail. 4. Take a section of hair and wrap it tightly around the ponytail holder. The end of this section of hair can either be tucked in the ponytail holder or secured with a bobby pin. 5. Style bangs as desired. 6. Spray everything with a finishing spray. Recommended Products: Kadori 2-in-1 curling irons with ceramic tourmaline technology. Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style really works well for any hair type. This is a great style if you have hair that tends to get frizzy and “poofy”. This style will allow it to be secured back all night and will elongate a square face shape. Tip: I often prefer my clients to have “day old” hair when they are coming in for a formal style. This allows the hair to have a bit more grit to work with and prevents it from being overly slippery. It can also allow a style to hold better than it would with clean hair.

The Wave Stunner

This timeless style has gained extra popularity in the past few years. It has become a total hit for all hair types and occasions. With a stunning prom dress and the perfect accessories, this simple style will complete the look. The bigger the hair, the better!
How to Style: 1. After washing your hair, prep it with a root boosting spray or mousse. 2. Dry your hair using a Kadori LIA hair dryer and paddle brush and over directing your hair to create volume. 3. Secure most of your hair back, leaving a section to begin curling. Spray each section with a working hairspray. 4. If you have curly, frizzy hair that needs more than just a blowdry to smooth it out, run your kadori ceramic  flat iron over the top two inches of your hair, closest to the root. 5. Depending on your preference regarding tightness of curls, begin curling each section with either a 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron or a 1 and 1/2 inch kadori curling iron. (The bigger the iron the looser the curl). 6. After each section has been curled, run your fingers through your hair for an even softer look. 7. Finish with a light finishing spray. Recommended Products: Kadori LIA hair dryer, Kadori ceramic flat iron, Kadori curling irons Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style will soften harsh jaw lines and complement a fuller face shape. Thick, coarse hair will hold these curls beautifully. Tip: If you have finer hair that doesn't hold curl very well, you will want to use a smaller curling iron. The curls may look too tight at first, but by the time you get to the dance the curls will have fallen a little and be just perfect! Also, if you have fine hair, skip step 6.

The Hottie

The half up half down hairstyle is a timeless classic that can be dressed up or dressed down in an instant. This specific style offers an elegant twist on an everyday favorite.
How to Style: 1. Begin with dry hair. 2. Secure hair back and leave out a section to begin curling with a 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron. Curl each section of hair. 3. Separate a section on the top of your hair that spans approximately 4-5 inches. This is the “Mohawk” section of your hair. 4. Begin back combing the top Mohawk section of your hair. 5. When you have the height that is desired on the top of your hair, secure the section back using bobby pins. 6. Take a large section of hair on either side of your head, smooth them out with a brush, and secure each side back with bobby pins. 7. When the top and sides of your hair are secured back, begin pinning the loose pieces of hair up to cover the bobby pins that are visible from pinning the top and sides. (This can be a bit messy with no specific rhyme or reason!) 8. Spray everything with a medium to strong hold hairspray. Recommended Products: For this style you will need plenty of body and height on top. If you have fine hair, try backcombing after you have sprayed a bit of dry shampoo on your roots. It will give you that extra oomph that you are looking for! Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This hairstyle will elongate a rounder face shape and will work best for people with thicker hair.

The Braided Beauty

Although this style will test your braiding skills, it’s very simple to achieve and creates a look of sophistication and class. Another plus about this style? The braid in the front keeps it out of your face and thus there’s no risk of any makeup getting smudged or frizz framing your face!
How to Style: 1. Begin with dry hair. 2. Using a comb, section out a two inch band of the hair around your face. Secure the rest of your hair back. 3. Part your hair where desired. 4. Begin braiding on either side of the part. After you have French braided the 2 inch sections on either side of your face, secure the end of the braid with a small rubber band. (It doesn’t have to look pretty, as you will be pinning the braids back and securing them with bobby pins later on.) 5. Curl the remaining hair that is not in the braids. A 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron will do the trick! 6. Pin the braids on either side with bobby pins. I would recommend hiding the pins underneath some curls. Remove the ponytail holders from the braids. Curl the ends of the braids that may now not be braided since you have removed the ponytail holders. 7. Finish by spraying everything with a light finishing spray. Recommended Products: If you have extra fine hair, I would suggest spraying the section that will be braided with a light working spray, like Spray and Play by Big Sexy Hair. This will give your hair a bit more “grit” and allow you to get a better grip on pieces while French braiding! Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Fine or thick hair will work well for this style. It would complement someone with a small forehead. Tip: When doing a French braid like this, you may want to work with day old hair. By not washing your hair on the big day, you allow some natural oils to build up which will help the braids stay better.

How To – Hair Dryer

Everyone loves the way their hair looks when they leave the salon. A stylist always knows how to use a hair dryer to give your hair plenty of shine, volume and style. You can re-create salon-quality hair with professional hair dryer. Depending on your hair texture and the look you want to achieve, the best blow dryer for your hair can improve your style and give you the look you want. You will have that salon look every day when you invest in a professional hair dryer and get the hang of salon-grade style.

Blow Drying Your Hair:best hair dryer AC motor

  • Choose the right hair dryer- A blow dryer with attachments such as wide nozzle and diffuser, giving you a range of hair styling. Ionic hair dryers and ceramic hair dryers offer technology that can help restore shine and protect hair. Ionic, ceramic hair dryers are perfect for individuals looking to combat frizz, and gentle hair care option. A range of heat settings can also give you the styling options you desire. Choose a blow dryer that is versatile for the best results.
  • Use quality products. The best blow dryer might not always be enough to give you the look you want. Using shampoo and conditioner that cater to your specific hair type can help protect your hair and give you the results you desire. Using styling products made specifically for blow-drying can also protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Dry your hair in a room with little humidity. If you try to blow-dry your hair in a bathroombest ionic dryer after a shower, you increase the risk of frizz or heat damage. Prop open the bathroom door prior to drying for a more effective blow dry.
  • Use professional hair-drying techniques. Hair stylists typically partially blow-dry hair all over to reduce moisture and then use styling tools to straighten and add volume. A round brush can help you flip the ends of your hair while a paddle brush works well for stick-straight styles.
Attachments to get the desired          look:
  • Concentrator nozzle helps direct the heat for more precise styling.
  • Diffuser attachment is perfect for drying curly hair without promoting frizz.
  • Dry your hair in sections. Drying your hair in sections helps to get every bit of hair completely dry and smooth. You can divide your hair into sections using clips or hair ties and then brush each section of hair while blow-drying. Individuals with curly hair can also benefit from drying their hair in sections, with a diffuser.

NYC Fashion week 2015

Every Fashion Week in NYC is amazing. This year, lots of designers launched their collections. we chose a few accessories and make-up looks to show.

kadori nyc 2015Eyes:

Whenever something new comes out in the fashion or beauty world, it is exciting. We are so used to seeing classic black eye-liner on the models and every once a while we will see a pop of color. This is so different and eye-catching. Check out this mini caviar beads that were glued along the lower lashes. Other designers like Carolina Herrera used beads and glitter to also accentuate a faux fringe.


This classic bold look is so chic. The perfect way to dress up an outfit or to give your self a quick pick-me-up is a bold lip. Get this look by lining your lips. Apply your lipstick with a brush for an even application. Keep it matte or add a gloss to give your lips high shine. We all know brows are in style right now. Get this look by using a clear brow gel to swipe your brows upwards to create a more expanded brow shape.


Designers such as Proenza Schouler, Honor, and Richard Chair Love had simple and classic headbands on their models. We love the leather headband with accents of metal. The pinched hair in the back creates a beautiful head shape when the model turned to the side.

Top Looks for winter 2015

The Edgy Pixie

scarlett johanssonThis season the usually sweet pixie cut gets a serious makeover with shaved sides, spikes, and tons of texture. This look can be rebellious and feminine at the same time and really accentuate the sexiness of your cheekbones, neck, and jawline.              

The Best Hair Straightener for You!!

kadori purple hair iron toolThe way to get glossy, straight hair is to use a flat iron. Hair straighteners uses heated ceramic tourmaline plates to iron out the kinks in each strand of hair. Whether you have slightly wavy hair or thick, tightly curled locks, a straightener flattens the follicle of your hair .The key to reduce damage  to the hair is by choosing the best flat iron for your hair type.

Choosing a Hair Straightener:

  •  Consider the natural texture of your hair. Thick, coarse hair will require a hair-straightening iron that heats up to high temperatures, but thin, fine hair can be damaged by high heat. If you have fine hair, shop for hair irons that offer a variety of heat settings. Digital flat irons let you choose the exact temperature to avoid damaging your hair with too much heat.
  •  kadori black hair straightnerTake a look at ceramic flat irons if you have fine or thin hair. Ceramic hair straighteners are great for smoothing out hair and reducing frizz. Ceramic holds heat very well, allowing a ceramic flat iron to achieve high temperatures; plus, ceramic plates encourage even heat distribution. You can choose between ceramic flat irons with ceramic plates, ceramic coating, or tourmaline plates. Tourmaline is actually a gemstone, but it works like ceramic when flat iron plates are coated with it.
  • 450f hair iron nano chip Consider titanium flat irons if you have thick, coarse hair. Titanium hair straighteners can heat up faster than ceramic flat irons, and they hold a high heat at a consistent temperature. Titanium, a lightweight metal, also has an ionic charge, which helps you get your hair looking smooth quickly, without having to go over the same section as many times. The high heat makes them popular, but this may not be best for people with fine hair, which can scorch easily.
  •  Choose the right size. Hair straighteners come in many sizes and widths. Small, thin flat irons are great hair care tools for men and women with short hair. Small hair irons are also perfect for styling bangs and spikes, and they travel well. Large, wide hair straighteners cover more surface area and are good choices for individuals with long or thick hair.
  •  Select a hair straightener with the right features. Hair tools come with a variety of features. If you have naturally curly hair, you might like a flat iron that has built-in comb teeth or steam functions that can tame and set unruly tresses. Cordless flat irons are great for jet-setting men and women, and instant-heat hair straighteners are perfect for people who don't have much time to get ready in the morning.

Oscar 2015 Best Looks

For 2015 Oscar awards season’s biggest night, this year nominees left nothing to chance. Best Actress contenders Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike, and Julianne Moore took a timeless beauty route for the red carpet, pulling their hair back into sleek, crisp updos paired with knockout nude makeup—and ensuring on-stage acceptance looks they will never regret. Those with less at stake embraced laid-back hair—and the occasional calculated risk: Dakota Johnson’s wispy ponytail made her red lip (and matching Saint Laurent dress) feel modern and age-appropriate, while Naomi Watts and Margot Robbie gave an edge to their matte statement mouths with relaxed yet polished bobs. Proving there’s no better accessory than luminous skin, Lupita Nyong’o returned to the red carpet with a glowing complexion that out shined her pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein Collection dress.

 best-oscar-academy-award-beauty-dakota-johnsonbest-oscar-academy-award-beauty-cate-blanchett best-oscar-academy-award-beauty-emma-stonebest-oscar-academy-award-beauty-margot-robbie     best-oscar-academy-award-beauty-reese-witherspoon  best-oscar-academy-award-beauty-rosamund-pike best-oscar-academy-award-beauty-sienna-miller

What is the best dryer for ME?

ceramic tourmaline heating . Blow dryers that have metallic heating parts tend to burn with extremely high heat and they tend to heat your hair unevenly. Ceramic, on the other hand, is a material that has unique heat conduction properties, resulting in heat that radiates evenly across your hair.  dryer with ionic . Lower quality blow dryers, especially those with metallic or plastic heating parts, diffuse positive ions which cause the cuticle of the hair to become frizzy and dull. Higher quality blow dryers with ionic drying diffuse negative ions, which cause the hair cuticle to trap moisture and eliminate frizz. On top of that, ionic dryers fight and eliminate static electricity in your hair.  blow dryer with tourmaline. When tourmaline is combined with ceramic heating, the resulting heat is much gentler and evenly spaced. This means that a ceramic element that has been infused with tourmaline will not damage your hair with harmful levels of heat. Tourmaline has also shown to generate a large amount of negative ions, which can dry your hair up to 70 percent faster than a non-tourmaline dryer. blow dryer with higher wattage. A blow dryer with higher wattage will dry your hair much faster. If the length of time it takes to dry your hair doesn't matter to you, feel free to skip over this feature. As a baseline, professional grade blow dryers tend to be 1875 watts .
best hair dryer everdryer with multiple speed and heat settings. Depending on the condition of your hair, you will want to use different dryer settings. For example, if your hair is only damp instead of wet, you'll want a lower heat setting. If you're drying your hair to fit a certain style, then the different speed settings will come in handy. dryer that weighs less than 1 lb. Professional grade hair dryers tend to be very light because they are designed to be held and used all day long. However, even if you're only drying your hair after you get out of the shower, a lighter blow dryer will be more comfortable to use. Furthermore, it'll allow you to more easily reach difficult-to-reach places on your head, resulting in a more even spread of heat.

Not, Just For Making Flat Hair!!

Flat irons have come so far. They used to be these monster 2 inch metal plates that got you straight hair along with lots of split ends. Ricci hair coNow a days we have so many options 1.25 inch, 1 inch, Tourmaline, ceramic and more. Tony how do you know which is best? You also need to take into consideration a few things like length, texture and condition. Longer hair can use a Kadori 1.25" inch Max Styler while short hair would benefit from a 1 inch Kadori Classic iron that can get close to the base of the hair. Another thing to think about is how hot the irons get. We are so used to picking up the kind that can go all the way up to 450. Which in a professional setting benefits the stylist who is trained to work fast. But for an every day gal 450 can be way to damaging. Fine to medium hair would appreciate a iron on a lower heat setting 340-400F while thicker course hair needs a bit more heat 400-420F. However 450 degrees for at home use is just to much heat! Ricci what do you prefer? For me I prefer and recommend a Kadori 1 inch, it works for all hair lengths. The slimmer plates allow kadori black hair straightneryou to create more than just straight smooth hair but beautiful lose curls. And yes, I said CURLS. I am always surprised when I curl my clients hair and the say “wow you can curl with a flat iron?” It takes patience but once you get it you will have beautifully tousled waves! When using any Kadori tools it’s important to always use products. Along with helping your hair look and feel smooth it also acts as a barrier for your hair protecting it from direct heat. Think of it like a fire fighters gear, they go into the fire but their uniform keeps the fire from contact with the skin. Plus they usually smell pretty good! To start take a 1 inch horizontal section at the lane of your neck. Place the Kadori iron at the root, turn the iron once toward you and slowly pull down till the ends slip through. (The key to this technique is pressure. You need to hold the iron tight enough so the hair doesn't fall out but lose enough that the hair glides through easily.) Continue taking horizontal sections from bottom to the crown. To finish use a dime size amount of serum,starting from the ends working toward the roots. Shake your hair for a lose tousled curl!