How to blow dry (hair dry) like A pro

The perfect blow dry. How is it you can't really look as put together as you do when you leave the salon after a professional blow dry? Is there a way to achieving the perfect blowout or is it impossible? Actually, it is as long as you follow the right steps.
A good blow dry can last several days, especially if you also shampoo your hair with the correct one.Once you learn how to do it the right way and you take your time, you should be able to keep the look for several days. Use a dry shampoo in between to keep the greasiness at bay.Time Required: 10-25 minutes, depending on length and thickness of hair
  1. Start with freshly-washed hair. If you have dry hair, condition in the shower. If you have fine hair, condition only the ends. Blot hair -- never rub -- with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. You can't do a blowout with super wet hair or it will take forever. To keep your blow-out intact over several days, make sure to rinse hair thoroughly after you wash to get out any conditioner residue.
  2. Apply product to towel-dried hair. A good styling product is key to the perfect blowout. It adds body to fine, limp hair, while women with thick, curly hair need to keep the frizzies at bay. Plus, products actually keep hair from getting oily. Spritz damp locks with a volumnizer spray or mousse before blowing hair dry.The secret is to coat every strand of hair with product.If you have dry hair, work in a leave-in conditioner, a straightening balm or shine serum. Start by coating the ends, working your way up the hair shaft. Finish by combing the product through hair.NOTE: Stay away from gels.
  1. Pre-dry hair and blow dry your bangs. You can't do a blowout with super wet hair or it will take longer. You have a couple options to pre-dry your hair. Your goal is to get hair to 75 to 80 percent dry, which is optimal when it comes to a blow dry. You can either let hair air dry until it's 75% dry, or, if you are short on time, use a dryer to remove excess moisture before you start the blow dry. Simply dry hair all over being as messy and mussy as you want. Bend over at the waist to get boost at the roots.
  2. Separate hair into sections. Divide combed hair into sections and secure with clips or ponytail holders.If you have super thick or heavy hair, try dividing each of your sections. One above the other helps manage the blowout. Leave out a section to start with.
  3. Start with your fingers.Stylists know the secret to the perfect blowout is to start with your fingers. Pull your fingers through hair starting at the roots. Pull hair out a few inches and hold it while you use the dryer to shoot air at the crown on down. "A brush can only get so close in," says Toronto stylist Matthew Collins,on the social TV. Collins suggests holding hair super taut, "otherwise, moisture stays in the hair shaft and frizzes it up."
  4. Move on the round brush. Now that your roots are dry, it's time to move on to a round-barreled brush (Tony Ricci prefer a mix of boar and synthetic bristles). Pull the brush through hair as you blowdry, pointing the nozzle downward onto hair 2-3 inches away. NAHA winner Tony Ricci likes to start with the ends, because they tend to dry fastest.
  5. Pull hair super taut as you dry.As you pull the brush through hair, follow the brush with the dryer. I love Collins tip on the social, "Imagine there's a point six inches in front of your nose. Stretch the hair toward that point as you dry. It sounds crazy, but when you're done, the tips won't flip under or up -- they'll just sort of fan out over your shoulders."
  6. Lock in style with the "cool button."The last step for each section is to pull hair taut with the brush and blast it with cool air from your dryer. You can also each dried section up in a Velcro roller.
  7. Continue through all sections until hair is dry.
  8. Finish off with a serum.

Blow like A Pro

best hair dryer everDo you remember the glow in your hair after your stylist blow-dried it? How healthy and shiny your hair looked! Blow-drying results at home are not always that gorgeous. Actually, proper blow-drying is not all that difficult. We have gathered for you all the best tips step-by-step instructions with our top hair stylist Matthew Collins makes sure that you blow-dry your hair like the professionals
  • The proper blow-drying technique is gentle on your hair and leaves the hair with plenty of bounce Above all, it is important to use the right kind of blow dryer such as the kadori LIA . You should be able to adjust the temperature and the air stream. At least two settings should be available including a low-temperature setting. The hair structure may be damaged if you blow-dry hair too long or use the high temperature setting. The results may be dry, brittle hair with split ends and an irritated scalp.
  • What We Need For Best Results

    These styling aids help you blow-dry your hair safely and properly: kadori LIA 2500x ,Heat protection spray, a paddle brush, a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer.
  • Blow-Drying Tips

    We have gathered 10 tricks of the trade, which ensure gentle and proper blow-drying with gorgeous results. Your hair will be healthy and shiny! 1. If at all possible, don't use the high heat settings of your blow-dryer. The air stream should feel comfortable on the back of your hand. 2. Keep your distance! Keep the hair dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair. 3. If your hair is fine you should set the air stream to low. Otherwise, you may end up with tangles in your hair. 4. Blow-dry every individual hair strand from the roots to the ends. This technique provides smooth cuticle layers, which are the basis for healthy, shiny, and well-protected hair. 5. You should keep the blow-dryer moving constantly to avoid applying too much heat in a single spot. We recommend dividing the hair in several portions and securing the strands with large hair clips or grips. 6. Most of us have to somehow live with the morning rush. Whenever you must speed up drying your hair use a higher setting for the air stream, not for the heat. 7. Always use a heat protectant. These products help prevent blow-drying damage. 8. Try not to blow-dry your hair immediately after washing . Ideally, you should allow your hair to first dry for 15 minutes under a towel turban. This saves effort and also cuts down on the hair exposure to the blow-dryer. 9. The diffuser attachment of your blow-dryer spreads out a more even air stream. This also prevents exposing individual strands of hair to too much heat. 10. Once you are done blow-drying your hair, briefly apply a stream of cool air. This cooling step gives your hair more elasticity.

Braided Halo for Long Hair Bun

halo bun

halo hair bun

Here is how to:

Make 2 braids, on on each side, towards the back of the head and pretty high up. Flip the braids up and tie them once, so that the ends hang down the opposite side. Stick a couple pins in there, where the braids feel loose. Be sure to pin the sides, where the braid ends overlap the opposite braid.Take the ends of the braids, pull them up and overlap them across the top of the head again. Add more pins as needed. Now take the ends of your braids, and tuck them in and under your braid halo, so that they are hidden. Add more pins as needed. Your braids should look like  a halo! Let the rest of your hair hang wild and free or put it in a pony tail.  

Prom looks 2015

Prom is one of the most memorable occasions in a high school teens life. The dress, the shoes, the date, and of course the hair have to be just right! Why not try doing your hair yourself?

The Sleek Side Pony

A great side pony can be the perfect way to complement an awesome color or a beautiful side bang. It’s also nice because it creates elegance while keeping your hair out of your face so you can dance the night away without having to worry about your hair frizzing out!
How to Style: 1. Start with dry hair, parted to the preferred side. If desired, leave out bangs. 2. Secure your hair to one side with a hair tie. Ideally, the hair tie should be the color of your hair or clear. 3. Before curling, spray each section with a light hold hairspray or a working spray. Using a 1 inch Kadori curling wands, or 1 and 1/4 inch kadori curling iron, (it will vary depending on the length of your hair and your preference regarding the tightness of curls) curl sections of the ponytail. 4. Take a section of hair and wrap it tightly around the ponytail holder. The end of this section of hair can either be tucked in the ponytail holder or secured with a bobby pin. 5. Style bangs as desired. 6. Spray everything with a finishing spray. Recommended Products: Kadori 2-in-1 curling irons with ceramic tourmaline technology. Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style really works well for any hair type. This is a great style if you have hair that tends to get frizzy and “poofy”. This style will allow it to be secured back all night and will elongate a square face shape. Tip: I often prefer my clients to have “day old” hair when they are coming in for a formal style. This allows the hair to have a bit more grit to work with and prevents it from being overly slippery. It can also allow a style to hold better than it would with clean hair.

The Wave Stunner

This timeless style has gained extra popularity in the past few years. It has become a total hit for all hair types and occasions. With a stunning prom dress and the perfect accessories, this simple style will complete the look. The bigger the hair, the better!
How to Style: 1. After washing your hair, prep it with a root boosting spray or mousse. 2. Dry your hair using a Kadori LIA hair dryer and paddle brush and over directing your hair to create volume. 3. Secure most of your hair back, leaving a section to begin curling. Spray each section with a working hairspray. 4. If you have curly, frizzy hair that needs more than just a blowdry to smooth it out, run your kadori ceramic  flat iron over the top two inches of your hair, closest to the root. 5. Depending on your preference regarding tightness of curls, begin curling each section with either a 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron or a 1 and 1/2 inch kadori curling iron. (The bigger the iron the looser the curl). 6. After each section has been curled, run your fingers through your hair for an even softer look. 7. Finish with a light finishing spray. Recommended Products: Kadori LIA hair dryer, Kadori ceramic flat iron, Kadori curling irons Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style will soften harsh jaw lines and complement a fuller face shape. Thick, coarse hair will hold these curls beautifully. Tip: If you have finer hair that doesn't hold curl very well, you will want to use a smaller curling iron. The curls may look too tight at first, but by the time you get to the dance the curls will have fallen a little and be just perfect! Also, if you have fine hair, skip step 6.

The Hottie

The half up half down hairstyle is a timeless classic that can be dressed up or dressed down in an instant. This specific style offers an elegant twist on an everyday favorite.
How to Style: 1. Begin with dry hair. 2. Secure hair back and leave out a section to begin curling with a 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron. Curl each section of hair. 3. Separate a section on the top of your hair that spans approximately 4-5 inches. This is the “Mohawk” section of your hair. 4. Begin back combing the top Mohawk section of your hair. 5. When you have the height that is desired on the top of your hair, secure the section back using bobby pins. 6. Take a large section of hair on either side of your head, smooth them out with a brush, and secure each side back with bobby pins. 7. When the top and sides of your hair are secured back, begin pinning the loose pieces of hair up to cover the bobby pins that are visible from pinning the top and sides. (This can be a bit messy with no specific rhyme or reason!) 8. Spray everything with a medium to strong hold hairspray. Recommended Products: For this style you will need plenty of body and height on top. If you have fine hair, try backcombing after you have sprayed a bit of dry shampoo on your roots. It will give you that extra oomph that you are looking for! Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This hairstyle will elongate a rounder face shape and will work best for people with thicker hair.

The Braided Beauty

Although this style will test your braiding skills, it’s very simple to achieve and creates a look of sophistication and class. Another plus about this style? The braid in the front keeps it out of your face and thus there’s no risk of any makeup getting smudged or frizz framing your face!
How to Style: 1. Begin with dry hair. 2. Using a comb, section out a two inch band of the hair around your face. Secure the rest of your hair back. 3. Part your hair where desired. 4. Begin braiding on either side of the part. After you have French braided the 2 inch sections on either side of your face, secure the end of the braid with a small rubber band. (It doesn’t have to look pretty, as you will be pinning the braids back and securing them with bobby pins later on.) 5. Curl the remaining hair that is not in the braids. A 1 and 1/4 inch Kadori curling iron will do the trick! 6. Pin the braids on either side with bobby pins. I would recommend hiding the pins underneath some curls. Remove the ponytail holders from the braids. Curl the ends of the braids that may now not be braided since you have removed the ponytail holders. 7. Finish by spraying everything with a light finishing spray. Recommended Products: If you have extra fine hair, I would suggest spraying the section that will be braided with a light working spray, like Spray and Play by Big Sexy Hair. This will give your hair a bit more “grit” and allow you to get a better grip on pieces while French braiding! Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Fine or thick hair will work well for this style. It would complement someone with a small forehead. Tip: When doing a French braid like this, you may want to work with day old hair. By not washing your hair on the big day, you allow some natural oils to build up which will help the braids stay better.

You’re Probably Using Your Curling Iron Wrong!

#1: Not Prepping Your Hair
In order to get a good curl, you need to prep your hair first. "It's like building a house," says celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins. "You have to create a good foundation for it to hold." To do this use a heat-protecting product it's important to prevent damage, then blow-dry your hair completely. Collins also suggests using a styling glaze pre-ironing he likes Kerastase or Loreal professional.
#2: Curling Your Hair in the Wrong Direction Make your desired part before you start curling, as this will help determine which way you curl the hair. For a more natural look, you'll want to curl your hair away from your face. This means winding the hair down and around the barrel of the curling iron in a clockwise direction.
#3: Using an Iron That's Too Large You might own different-sized curling irons, thinking you need many sizes to achieve a range of tighter or looser curls. The truth is, you really only need 3. "You can do a every style with a 3/4-inch, one-inch and 1.5-inch barrel" says Tony Ricci .
#4: Curling Too Much Hair at a Time While taking a slightly larger section of hair may provide you with a looser wave, curling too much hair at a time isn't a good idea, either, says Daniel Benoit. You won't get an even distribution of heat throughout that section, which can cause your curls to do a disappearing act. For the most natural look, wrap small sections of hair around the barrel of your iron.
#5: Buying a Curling Iron That's on Clearance If you curl your hair frequently, you should invest in a good iron with a ceramic heaters and tourmaline barrel.(such as the kadori curling wands) Also, there's a difference between spring hinge irons and Marcel handle with a swivel handle. Even though it might see the stylist using it, Daniel Naumovski recommends going for a spring Kadori curling irons because the clip on a regular spring can cause unwanted creases in your curls. The Kadori  curling iron can also stand in for those wand-like curling irons with no clip at all—just wind your hair around the iron and hold it by the ends. Daniel recommends leaving the ends out of the iron completely to get a more natural "undone" look.
#6: Holding Your Hair in the Iron Too Long Obvious alert: Curling irons are hot. Kadori irons can reach up to 450°F, which can cause some serious damage, depending on your hair's condition and texture. Derrick Rutherford recommends using a low or medium setting on finer, more fragile hair and leaving your hair wrapped around it for no more than two to three seconds. You can use the hottest setting if your hair is strong, coarse, and thick, but be careful not to leave it on any longer than you need to.
At last, make sure to remember that many curly styles can be created by using variations on these techniques. If you have a specific look in mind that you want to achieve, ask your stylist to show you how to recreate it the next time you visit the salon. They'll appreciate the chance to give you a tutorial, and you'll get a hairstyle that works with your specific cut and texture.

Fishtail braid – Weddings look

Fishtail braids are one of our faves braid in this  tutorial we will show you how

Braid Tutorial